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Vintage dreams come true...


Explore all the thrift/ charity and consignment stores New York and Brooklyn have to offer!
In November 2019, pregnant with my second baby, I flew to New York alone. Other than visiting a friend of mine, I had one mission: Explore all the thrift/ charity and consignment stores New York and Brooklyn has to offer. I was so excited to go hunting for rocker band tees, vintage sweatshirts, Levi's jeans, cowboy boots and designer bags. Here are my top 3 'do not miss' shops for you.


This is more of a pure thrift store - which in London would be called a charity shop. This is a high bargain and find potential shop. If you have the patience to look through oversubscribed rails upon rails of clothes.

Price: Low-Mid

What: 100% cashmere sweater from Vince for $17 and a vintage silk American Bomber jacket for $15. I saw loads of mid-high end designers in here, but you truly need to have both time and energy to find the golden pieces.‍

Where: 137N 7th St (Brooklyn) - this was the only one I had time to visit and it was great.

I highly recommend going on your own, with a snack in your pocket.


Beacon's Closet is your best bet for bargains. Here you'll find a great mix of unknown brands, vintage and mid-range designers.

Price: Low-Mid

What: I was gutted when a pair of snake skin Acne boots were too small (I should have bought them for Second Archive!!), and only selling for $90. I also found an Alexander Wang bag for $60 but sadly not the colours I was after. I did however buy a pair of green Vince boots for $80 and a vintage rocker tee from the 80's for $10. I also saw vintage cowboy boots for $30, heaps of American college sweatshirts for $20 and Gucci loafers for $50. Rag&Bone was prominent and boots were selling for around $40.

Where: Brooklyn Greenpoint, my favourite and the biggest one I visited. A bit more 'proper' vintage if you compare to the other ones on Manhattan. But still curated and fun! The shops in Manhattan were more 'modern' with designer gems. 

Beacon's Closet Greenpoint


INA NYC is a true gold mine of designer items and all is of great quality. This is consignment shop which private people sell their items through. I would say it's the best priced consignment shop I visited.

Price: Mid-high range

What: I found a fantastic Balenciaga bag for under $200, Comme Des Garcons wallet for $75 as well as an APC half moon bag for $200.

Where: they have 3 shops, all worth a visit.  But I’d prioritise these two if you are tight on time. 
1. 110E 13th St (biggest shop, men & women)
2. 21 Prince St (smallest shop - women only)

Ina - where I found a dreamy Balenciaga bag for under $200

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