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As someone who has spent the past four years living in East London, which in my opinion has the best vintage shopping I’ve ever experienced, Barcelona is definitely the second best place for vintage shopping.

Now, the center of Barcelona is all within walking distance so you can easily rummage through all the top vintage stores in one day. The best place to start is on C/ dels Tallers, which is west off La Rambla, then head down to Carrer de la Canuda and after you can weave through the Gothic Quarter ticking off all the other stores on the list.

Vintage Kilo owns a lot of the stores and have this handy map in the door of all their stores, save this photo so you can head to each store.

Best streets to start off at:
C/ dels Tallers, 24, 08001 Barcelona, Spain
Carrer de la Canuda, 33, 08002 Barcelona, Spain


[Location Here]

Lots of checkered shirts, Levi’s and fringing at Bogo’s Vintage! Very reasonably priced, although at lot of their Levi’s are too expensive for ones that weren’t made in USA. This fringe waistcoat was a favourite of mine!


[Location Here]

One for the Western fans, Corbeto’s Boots isn’t vintage BUT, beholds the best collection of cowboy boots this side of the pond! Sendra, Ariat, Frye to name a few iconic boot brands I saw there. They also stock an incredible array of hats and accessories so you can be well on your way to becoming a real cowboy/ girl.


[Location Here]
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Another one for the Western lovers, El Indio is a haven of cowboy’s wife attire with lots of womenswear at the front and upstairs (tiny little stairs that you wouldn’t notice unless you knew), and menswear at the back. The staff are also dressed super cool! Their selection of deadstock jeans and trousers is great, as well as their boots. At the till there’s loads of vintage patches and bandanas. El Indio is my favourite vintage store in Barcelona.

[Location Here]
[Instagram Here]

Lots more menswear in this Flamingo store, think 80s Adidas and tracksuits alongside racewear and football tee’s. Also a great selection of vintage Carhartt.


[Location Here]

Run by two British guys, Northerner Bailey and his North London mate who both now live in Barcelona with their families! I’ve been to this store at least twice each time I’ve visited as the guys are so lovely and you can honestly just head in for a chat. Their store is bright and clean which is a much nicer shopping experience compared to the usual jumble sale that vintage stores are like. I picked up this vintage milkmaid vibe navy polka dot dress for around 40euro. My friend purchased 8 vintage silk shirts for around 20euro a pop as we ended up spending over an hour chatting to the guys. 

Their sister store is next door...


[Location Here]

VV is similar to VS although a little smaller, again laid out really well and isn't crammed in. Would also recommend stopping by just to listen to the great playlists they have.

[Location Here]

Part of the Vintage Kilo group, Trash Closet is a bit of a jumble sale with a more menswear focus. Their womens seemed to be very 80s whereas I prefer 60/ 70s. Lots of very good vintage menswear jackets in the trucker/ cowboy/ mechanic realm.


[Location Here] 
[Website Here]
[Instagram Here]

I didn’t get a chance to visit House of Rowdy whilst I was there but it’s on my list as it’s much more of a concept/ destination store compared to the above. Starting as a magazine in 2018, House of Rowdy is a curated space of vintage, magazines, art, design and has their own coffee shop. You’re also able to shop online if you fancy a browse of their pieces before heading to Barcelona.

If you’d like to see my full Google Maps list including restaurants, bars and coffee shop etc. then click

Enjoy Barcelona,

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