How to take Care of Your Wool

How to care for your second hand and new wool clothing and accessories.

Wool Care Guide

If you, like me, loves to snuggle up in big wooly sweaters - then this post is for you. Especially if you buy second hand.

What to do before you put your new wool items in your wardrobe..

Regardless of what kind of shop - be it a charity or a high end one - I highly recommend you put it straight into the freezer when you get home, inside a bag. Leave it for a minimum of 5 days. Then you take it out and shake it outside, and hand-wash it and leave it drying flat. This will kill any unwanted eggs, moths and other animals who might find wool yummy. You do not want to introduce any wool clothing to your wardrobe before this procedure has been followed.

If it is a vintage coat you have bought and do not know where it has been before, I'd freeze that too and then dry clean it. Dry cleaning a coat should not cost more than £15-20. It is well worth the investment for not only the coat's future but your wardrobes.

Repeat this process every change of season. Especially when you pack away your wool items for the summer. I also highly recommend you get air tight vacuum bags for all wool sweaters during summer and sealed hanging bags for your coats.

Second Archive always freeze their wool items and wash them appropriately before listing them for sale.

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